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Dental extraction services can be done if the tooth is beyond restorative care. We also provide third molar (wisdom teeth) extractions. Although our goal is to save every possible tooth, sometimes it is necessary to recommend a dental extraction.

Oral Surgery

Third molars also known as wisdom teeth erupt in the oral cavity between the ages of 17-25. According to the American Academy of Maxillofacial surgeons, 90% of Americans have at least 1 or more wisdom tooth impacted. Impacted third molars can lead to problems in the future such as infections, crowding, and other complications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to remove my wisdom teeth?

If you have an impacted third molar, crowding teeth, or an erupted wisdom tooth that is very difficult to keep clean then the answers is yes. Remember that impacted teeth can cause damage to the adjacent teeth.

What should I do after the surgery ?

It is important to keep the area of the surgery clean and free of debris for a couple of days.  Make sure you follow Dr. Quevedo’s instructions and take any medications prescribed. Avoid drinking through a straw and excessive force for a couple of days. If you experience fever or pain that worsens after a couple of days please call Dr. Quevedo.

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